OMB.Lite is the software solution for the temperature monitoring of blood components, biological samples and pharmaceuticals during transport.

It is able to work automatically, without needing to interface with an existing management system nor other platforms.

The application is designed to work on Android devices and in particular on those equipped with RFID NFC technology.

Particularly easy to use, OMB.Lite is the most practical and economical solution on the market and it can be easily integrated in the process of biological and pharmaceutical material handling.

An additional advantage is the use of non-proprietary hardware, available on the market and non-binding for the user.

OMB.Lite is able to interface with TTR (Trip Temp Recorder), our RFID datalogger, activating the device and downloading the recorded temperatures.

The internal memory of the datalogger stores information related to the transport such as:

  • Starting point and destination
  • Operator
  • Type of material transported (blood, plasma, medicines)
  • Starting time and date
  • Quantities of material and codes (software version BCT)
  • Maximum and minimum temperature threshold
  • Frequency of temperature recording

The TTR datalogger is inserted in the isothermal transport bag and bound to it. In this way it is impossible to lose or forget to put into place the datalogger.

With OMB.Lite it is possible to:

  • Set and select 4 different shipping profiles specific for the type of material transported.
  • Activate the datalogger and upload the parameters of the selected profile to the memory of the datalogger TTR
  • Dectivate the datalogger and download the recorded temperatures
  • Elaborate the transport report in PDF format
  • Send the transport report by email