Eutectic plates

SIB 200 - SIB 400 - SIB 800 - SIB 1000 - SIB 2000

Cooling elements for the transport of thermosensitive products such as biological samples, blood components, drugs and vaccines.

Made of white or blue HDPE, these plates contain a mixture of water and salts.

The plates must be kept in a freezer at -18/-15°C for at least 24 hours before being inserted in the lid of the isothermal container for the transport.

There are 5 different sizes available, all perfectly modular for the isothermal containers H-BIN BIO TRANSPORT, EMOTRANSPORT and TFA.

Versions available

SIB 2000

Dimensions: 375x215x29 mm

Weight: 1.8 Kg

Capacity: 2000 ml

SIB 1000

Dimensions: 360x210x20 mm

Weight: 1.15 Kg

Capacity: 1000 ml

SIB 200

Weight: 820 g

Dimensions: 320x240x14 mm

Capacity: 800 ml

SIB 400

Weight: 410 g

Dimensions: 250x140x14 mm

Capacity: 400 ml

SIB 800

Weight: 200 g

Dimensions: 160x110x14 mm

Capacity: 200 ml