Insulated cases for biological samples transport

BIO 701 - BIO 301

The cases BIO 301 and BIO 701 are made of heavy duty and shock proof polypropylene.

They are equipped with an internal lining made of isothermal materials, which allow the cases to maintain the temperature during transport for up to 13 hours.

Inside BIO 301 and BIO 701 can respectively fit 1 container BIO 03M and 1 container BIO 04L.

Metal closures
Ergonomic soft-grip, non-slip handle
Hole for padlock or safety seals

Versioni disponibili

BIO 701

Dimensioni: 560x310x340 mm

Peso: 4,0 Kg

Capacità: 1 contenitore BIO 04 L

Piastra: 2000 ml

BIO 301

Dimensioni: 520x270x280 mm

Peso: 2,7 Kg

Capacità: 1 contenitore BIO 03 M

Piastra: 1000 ml