Recycled LDPE bags for the safe handling of blood components

Made of recycled and recyclable (if not infected) LDPE, transparent to easily spot any accidental spills, extremely resistant to tears and with tear-strip opening.

Watertight seal certified by BAM (German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) and Blaue Engel certificate.

All bags are registered in the Italian Medical Devices Database and are in compliance with:

  • EU DirectiveCEE n. 679 26-11-1990
  • A.D.R. (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of
    Dangerous Goods by Road) – Instructions of use P650
  • I.M.D.G. (International maritime dangerous goods)

All bags are equipped with:

  • Water- and airtight seal
  • Tamper-proof (VOID) Sealing band
  • Practical tear strip opening, without the need of blades/sharp objects
  • Progressive and univocal numeration in form of barcode, to identify and track the bags
  • Customization of codes available (minimum quantity required)
  • Instructions of use and hazard symbols as required by the law in force

Sizes available

TE 404001 GREEN

Dimensions: 195×310 mm

TE 404002 GREEN

DimensionS: 225×410 mm

TE 404003

Dimensions: 300×450 mm

TE 404004

Dimensions: 485×460 mm

TE 404005 GREEN

Dimensioni: 240×382 mm