Combined isothermal bags for controlled-temperature transport of biological samples

BIO 04 PP - BIO 06 PP

Isothermal bags BIO 04 PP and BIO 06 PP are ideal for the long-distance transport of biological samples to and from testing centres, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

They are composed of two elements:
– Expanded polypropylene box (inside)
– Expanded polyethylene bag (outside)

These are highly isothermal materials which guarantee that the temperature stays stable for several hours.


  • The lid has a specific compartment to insert eutectic plates or temperature stabilizers
  • It is possible to insert a datalogger with RFID technology to measure the temperature during transport
  • External pocket for ID badges
  • Handles and shoulder strap for easy handling
  • Snap fasteners

Isothermal bags BIO 04 PP and BIO 06 PP are designed to be used along with the secondary containers BIO 03M and BIO 04L.

Thermal insulation tests

Several tests were carried out on the bags BIO 04 PP and BIO 06 PP, simulating by means of a climate chamber different external temperatures ranging between -12°C and+40°C, with the aim of evaluating the thermal insulation of the container and its ability to maintain the temperature inside stable within the ranges of +2°C – +8°C and +20 °C – +24°C.

In all the conditions simulated, the bags were able to keep the temperature at a stable level for a period of time between 14 and 17 hours.

In charge of the certification of the system (container + temperature stabilizers) was the Laboratory SSCCP, a special body of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan accredited as a certification laboratory (accreditation number SSCCP 0173) by ACCREDIA, the Italian Accreditation Body.

Versions available


Dimensions (inside): 395x245x190 mm

Dimensions (outside): 445x320x390 mm

Weight: 1.6 Kg

Capacity: 1 container BIO 03M


Dimensions (inside): 300x500x250 mm

Dimensions (outside): 620x400x350 mm

Weight: 2.9 Kg

Capacity: 1 container BIO 04 L