Photoprotective UV barrier bags for photosensitive drugs


Photoprotective bags made of 70 micron polyethylene with added master UV-barrier, an optical filter blocking the wavelengths causing the inactivation of photosensitive substances and preparations.

The bags passed light transmittance tests at the INNOVHUB Laboratory (Milan Chamber of Commerce) with outstanding results.


  • Equipped with holes for tube connectors and specific supports
  • Equipped with an adhesive band for sealing
  • The amber hue makes it possible to check the content of the bags.

Sizes available

BFA 010

Dimensions: 100×230 mm

BFA 020

Dimensions: 100×360 mm

BFA 030

Dimensions: 130×300 mm

BFA 040

Dimensions: 170×350 mm

BFA 050

Dimensions: 350×440 mm