PHARMA TRACE® is a complete solution for the management of drugs, meeting the specific demands for the traceability of high-cost and high-impact preparations.

Thanks to Pharma Trace it is possible to track pharmaceutical preparations from distribution to the delivery to the patient.

With Parma Trace it is possible to manage the registration of the ID codes and the typology of preparations, and to measure the temperature during transport.

Pharma Trace is designed for hospital pharmacies and for internal or external units delivering the required therapies.

Thanks to Pharma Trace it is possible to:

  • Directly interface with the management software of the pharmacy to gather the requests for therapies
  • Prepare RFID identification labels for the pharmaceutical preparations and/or pair the ID barcode with the RFID tag
  • Manage the packaging of pharmaceutical preparations in the bags equipped with ID barcode and/or RFID tag for automatic recognition/identification
  • Use (optional) a datalogger equipped with RFID technology to track the thermal history
  • Check out the medications from the pharmacy by means of an automatic system with RIFID plate/gate
  • Manage the Check-In in the specific wards by means of certified isothermal bags
  • Control and authorize the administration by means of specific application (smartphone/Android terminal)
  • Verify the correct match patient (ID band with RFID/barcode), pharmaceutical preparation ( RFID bag) and ID of person responsible for administration of medication
  • Upload the data collected during the different phases to a centralized online database online
  • Set different alarm/signals, including: medication not administered, failed delivery of therapies, administration not authorised etc.
  • Print reports during the different phases of the tracking process
  • Monitor the progress of each activity by means of a specific Web Application

The benefits:

  • Safe match of therapy and data gathering
  • Improved efficiency, celerity and safety
  • Accurate recording of the temperature

Pharma Trace makes it possible to keep under control all the phases of the preparation and delivery of the pharmaceuticals, improving the safety and general efficiency of the whole process.