Keep Ice

KEEP-ICE®  is a system designed to keep the temperature of plasma bags stable during the process of verification, validation and labeling.

8 pre-conditioned (at -33°C) temperature stabilizers are placed on top of  the structure of KEEP ICE, which is made of a specific insulating material. 

The blood bags are accurately placed on the surface made of stabilizers and are read using the wireless barcode reader.
The IDs of the bags are associated with the recorded temperatures.

The infrared probes measure the temperature every 3 seconds and every 3 minutes they update the chart on the display, showing the mean value of the temperatures elaborated by the software.

The final report contains the operator code, the work profile used, the IDs of the bags, the recorded temperatures and the result of the session.


  • System to be placed on a table/trolley
  • Equipped with a control system to track the materials used and the thermal history for the period of time when the bags are placed on KEEP ICE for validation
  • Identification of the materials by means of wireless barcode readers
  • Identification of operators
  • It is possible to set alarms for temperatures above the threshold
  • Management of the validation of the material (final label) by interfacing with the management system of the laboratory
  • Memorization of the data acquired and elaboration of a work report
  • Transmission of data through LAN or WIFI

Hardware included:

  • 10 inch, LED, HDMI display
  • Windows OS Mini PC
  • 2D WireLess Opticon Barcode reader (with BT) + base + 6V power supply
  • Mouse USB Atlantis
  • 4-port USB hub
  • 8Gb 2.0 USB  Flash Drive
  • Infrared temperature probe

Dimensions: 124x71x 50 cm
Weight: 20 kg – without temperature stabilizers
Power supply: 220 V