Insulated tertiary bags for the transport of biological samples

BIO 101, BIO 102, BIO 103, BIO 104

Light and easy to handle, these semi-rigid bags are equipped with an isothermal lining made of aluminium and expanded polyethylene, able to guarantee a stable temperature for medium-distance transport.

Alle the bags are designed to be used along with the secondary containers H-BIN BIOTRANSPORT.

The lid has a specific compartment where a cooling plate can be inserted in order to improve the thermal insulation of the bag.

All bags are equipped with an external pocket for documents.

Customization is available upon request.

All components are latex free.

Sizes available

BIO 101

Dimensions: 280x200x190 mm

Weight: 420 g

Capacity: 1 Container BIO 01 P

Cooling plate: 200 ml

BIO 102

Dimensions: 330x260x190 mm

Weight: 620 g

Capacity: 1 Container BIO 02 S

Cooling plate: 400 ml

BIO 103

Dimensions: 410x260x210 mm

Weight: 780 g

Capacity: 1 Container BIO 03 M

Plate: 800 ml

BIO 104

Dimensions: 540x320x260 mm

Weight: 960 g

Capacity: 1 Container BIO 04 L

Cooling plate: 1000 ml